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Finger Lakes wine country has been voted one of the top ten most beautiful wine countries in the world!  Visit us at Knapp and see for yourself.  Call us at 607.930.3495


Baccahnalia at Knapp!


Visit Knapp Winery for a fun afternoon. Having been in business for 35 years,  we know a few things about wine and having fun.  We also know that people like to travel on their own time and make the best of their experiences.  On July 29 we have put together an eclectic array of small pockets of fun.  All day long we will serve gourmet hot dogs (unusual toppings) and cups of apple pie but you can still have a leisurely lunch in our restaurant if you prefer. 

Join us at our "Silent Disco", or Party Headphones lounge.  Everyone puts on headphones where you select any channel to dance to, no one hears the music except you!  Come play with giant dominoes, or lawn dice--maybe participate in a game of chess.  Every hour on the hour beginining at 1:00pm enter and play in our Rock, Paper, Scissor Tournament.  At 2:00pm learn how to saber a sparkling wine bottle and sample other bubbly wine from the Finger Lakes.  And of course we have wine and wine cocktails...see you there. 12:00pm to 5pm.  Join us for some fun.  Free to attend, wine and food sold seperately.

Food, Wine, Wine Cocktails and Cotton Candy-- All Day

Rock Paper Scissor Tournament- Every hour on the hour begining at 1:00pm

Learn how to saber your sparkling wine- 2:00pm

Party Headphones/Silent Disco-- All Day

DIY- Dominoes, Chess, Lawn Dice and more...All Day