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Belinda Venuti
February 29, 2012 | Winemaker 2012 Program | Belinda Venuti

Welcome to Knapp Winemaker Program 2012

Welcome Winemaker Apprentice.  We are eager to have you be part of the 2012 vintage journey at Knapp Winery.  This hands-on experience will give you invaluable insight to how wine is produced.  The schedule is meant to immerse you in the fundamentals of viticulture and wine techniques.  This blog has been set up to answer any question that you need answered as you work through the wine making process.  We hope you enjoy the experience.


phil kasey's Gravatar
phil kasey
@ Mar 12, 2012 at 8:52 AM
anyrthing we need to bring tomorrow except for workgloves and clothes fit for the day? Should be a great day to be out in ...

Don Schlafer's Gravatar
Don Schlafer
@ Mar 12, 2012 at 10:41 AM
Hi Phil,

Having never "blogged" before... this will be a new experience...

Looking forward to tomorrow. I've been very busy in the sugar-shack boiling sap... Tapped the trees about 10 days ago.. some similarities to grapes and winemaking... both end up, after a great deal of work, with a most rewarding end-product..

I have a question for Belinda. Can one attach photos to the blogged messages? if so, can you send instructions?

See you tomorrow..


Belinda's Gravatar
@ Mar 12, 2012 at 11:08 AM
Hello Phil and Don, We are looking forward to tomorrow's adventure. In response to your questions, I sent everyone an email with detailed information about tomorrow's schedule. It looks like it might rain a bit, so make sure you bring along shoes or boots that will withstand mud and water. Don, we are looking forward to your maple syrup production stories. At his time you will be unable to post pictures on this blog. However, you may post them on our facebook page if you would like. Here

See you tomorrow!

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Shiv Ji's Gravatar
Shiv Ji
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Shiv Ji's Gravatar
Shiv Ji
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Omkar Ji's Gravatar
Omkar Ji
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