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Finger Lakes wine country has been voted one of the top ten most beautiful wine countries in the world!  Visit us at Knapp and see for yourself.  Call us at 607.930.3495

A Knapp Production in Vineyard Management & Winemaking.

Knapp Winery is looking for a few good men or women-- that are passionate about wine and have the desire to understand the art of good winemaking. Enthusiasm must be paramount and enough to trudge along a row of vines and learn to prune in various weather conditions, tie them, and be ready to pick and process grapes when Mother Nature calls.

Budding winemakers will be assigned a row of vines from Knapp vineyards for one growing season. Each student will work on essential wine operations through the course of the year and receive hands-on training from Knapp professionals. The schedule is meant to immerse the pupil in the fundamentals of viticulture and winemaking techniques. Each pupil will walk through the key phases of grape growing. As the growing season comes to its peak they will determine the right time to pick and process their grapes. Each step will take each individual closer to producing their own personal vintage.

The program is designed for serious hobbyists and passionate wine lovers. Owner, Gene Pierce says, “This is very much a hands-on practical program-not a lot of theory. If you have ever wanted to learn the basics of vineyard care and winemaking this will be a great program which will be taught by people who actually do the work”. Each grape growing and winemaking phase will include instruction from Knapp Vineyard Manager, Chris King and Knapp Winemaker Steve DeFrancesco.

Interested people should contact: Belinda Venuti at Knapp Winery 607.930.3495 The program, which involves one day of the month for 12 months is priced at 1200.00. 


Knapp Winemakers Class of 2012

Left to Right- Brad Jones, Holly Howell, Phil Kasey & Don Schafler


The 2012 Knapp wine program has exceeded my expectations - "enjoyable,
interesting, and quite educational".

Having Chris King, Vineyard Manager, and Steve DiFrancesco, Winemaker, at
our side during instructional classes was the "added touch" to the program.

I highly recommend this class to anyone, young or old, that is interetesd
in learning the essential steps --- "from pruning the vines to making the

Thanks to Belinda and her team for "a second-to-none learning experience".

Brad Jones


"The Knapp Winemakers program is one of the most exciting wine classes I have ever taken!  After studying wine for over 30 years, I had no idea there was still so much more to learn.  The key to really understanding wine-making is to actually experience it, hands on.   The wonderful team at Knapp makes you feel right at home while they lead you through the entire process, from planting and pruning the vines to the actual harvest of the grapes and the making of the wine.  I felt a real sense of pride watching my Chardonnay grapes grow to maturity right before my eyes!   Being able to follow every step from vine to wine, I have developed an incredible appreciation for each and every glass of wine I drink.  Kudos to Knapp for offering such an unique and educational opportunity to local wine lovers."

Holly Howell



"As a newly retired person who'd been planning to raise a patch of vines and make wine, this course has been an invaluable resource.  Before signing on I had no idea of all the steps that went into planting, pruning, and tending vines; and we haven't even gotten to making the wine yet!  My time at Knapp has been enlightening and enjoyable, and I'm more excited than ever about putting in my own vines next spring."

Phil Kasey, Fayette